Promoting cross-sectoral partnership in the border towns of Zhovkva and Yavoriv of Lviv region

In 2017, the Institute for Regional Development implemented the project "Promoting cross-sectoral partnership in the border towns of Zhovkva and Yavoriv of Lviv region" to improve the conditions for the development of SMEs with the financial support of the Eastern Europe Foundation within the framework of the USAID / LEV Program - Leadership in Economic Governance.



Within this project, barriers to business development in selected cities were analyzed, SME support programs projects were developed, 2 facilitation sessions and 2 training programs for stimulating cross-sectoral partnerships in selected cities were conducted.

Conduct 2 facilitation sessions according to the plan:

Participants' acquaintance with the analysis of barriers for SME development in the region

Determine the needs of specific sectors of the local community

Formation of strategic and operational tasks taking into account specified requirements

Acquaintance of participants with methods of influence on implementation of operational measures

Formation of basic SME development measures to remove barriers at the local level and create favorable conditions for SME development

Conduct 2 training programs for developing the skills of the cross-sectoral partnership "government-community-business" according to the plan:

Methods for effective communication between sectors of the local community

Building partnerships planning SME development activities

Discussion of the requirements of individual groups for SME development activities

Harmonization of proposals to the urban development program of SMEs to improve the conditions of SME development in the city